22 March 2009

The Beginning of My Arkansas Tour Journal!!

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time…I admire people who can keep journals and write in them every day, and it is always a good idea to write your thoughts and experiences down so you don’t forget them later. After the amazing spring break I’ve had, I figured now was as good a time as any! So here goes…

My family and I spent the week traveling through Mississippi and the Arkansas Delta, and last night was the ultimate end a much-needed break from school and teaching! Last week I received an invitation to an open house for the new home of the Arkansas Studies Institute in Little Rock, which includes the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture. As an author for the EAHC, I was automatically invited to the event. I had NO IDEA what to expect, but I am SO thrilled that I went.

When I arrived at the new ASI building (right across the street from the River Market in Little Rock) and sat down inside, I scanned the program - the guest speakers for the night were Governors Bumpers, Pryor, Tucker, Beebe, and President Clinton! Each man spoke briefly about the importance of preserving the history and culture of Arkansas, something very near and dear to me.

During his speech, Governor Bumpers said something that truly spoke to my heart - “you choose your legacy.” We all have to choose the directions we wish our lives to take, and when making those decisions, we have to think about what kind of future we want for ourselves, for our children, and for later generations of Arkansans.

Arkansas has SUCH a deep and fun history and culture! So many things to do - so many places to go! Our state is like no other, and it is up to us to keep our culture alive.

OH! And I got my picture taken with President Bill Clinton!!!

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