06 April 2009

My Bucket List

I have a Bucket List. Number 23 on my list is "visit every state park in Arkansas and document it." When I say "visit every state park and document it," I don't mean just drive through and take a picture with the sign. I mean I really want to visit them - I want to participate in the activities Arkansas has to offer. We have 52 state parks (2 under construction) in Arkansas, and each park has amazing sights and unique events that take us back and move us forward.

On a recent trip to Little Rock, I took a short side trip to Scott, Arkansas, to see how much time I would need to spend at the two state park sites there. The Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park is on the site of a Native American civilization that lived there nearly 1,000 years ago. The Plantation Agriculture Museum focuses on cotton agriculture in Arkansas from 1836 until World War II. I will definitely be taking time to go back to both of those places!

BUT the real reason I am writing this particular entry is to brag on what has made my personal list of "Top 10 Best Restaurants in Arkansas." Cotham's Mercantile. It was opened in 1917 as a general store, and it served as a military commissary and jail. In 1984, a small restaurant was added to feed locals. When Bill Clinton and David Pryor discovered the restaurant, it quickly became the place to go for lunch – and still is. You can't beat the view or the service! The restaurant is famous for its Hub Cap Hamburger. I now know from experience that it really should be known for its FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!! If you're ever in that part of the state, take a short jaunt over to Scott and Cotham's Mercantile. You'll be VERY pleased that you did!

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